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March 3/28  Using Integral Calculus Throughout the Yearlong, Introductory Physics Course  Robert Dalling


Using Integral Calculus Throughout the Yearlong, Introductory Physics Course

Learn about the change in the 100-year-old timing of physics courses.

Every university has a yearlong, calculus-based physics course that students begin concurrently with a course in differential calculus. Halfway through this yearlong physics course, students begin taking a course in integral calculus, and this means that integral calculus begins to be used in the physics course only after the midpoint of the year. The nation's textbooks are designed this way.

At LSMSA, we have yearlong, physics courses for 1) trigonometry-based physics, 2) calculus-based physics that uses no integral calculus until half way through the course, and 3) calculus-based physics that uses integral calculus throughout the year -- no other school has such a course, but it is the way it should be done.

Please join our speaker in this webinar as he leads a discussion on the following:

  • The opportunity for your school to try adding a yearlong introductory course that has integral calculus as co-requisite at the start of the year rather than at the middle of the year. This course can use vector calculus throughout the year, and the math and science school students love it.
  • This one-semester shift in mathematical preparation is easily done at our math and science schools, and enables students to do and understand much more in physics. This is the way that engineers and physics majors should learn physics at the universities.
  • Hundreds of sample homework problems are given in the PDF file. By using integral calculus in the first half of the course, these homework problems prepare students for the second round of testing for the National Physics team.

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