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Student Mental Wellness Summit 2021

Tackling student mental wellness together 1


March 25-26, 2021

The Student Mental Wellness Summit 2021 will be hosted virtually. 

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Thursday, March 25


10:00 a.m. Introduction and Welcome to the Summit  Todd Mann
10:15 a.m.

Keynote Address: The Science and Psychology of the Adolescent Brain

Dr. Steinberg will talk about what is really going on developmentally with the brains of high school students.

Laurence Steinberg of Temple University
11:00 a.m.

Continuing Developmental Psychology

Dr. Subotnik will present differences between STEM and non-STEM students under pressure.


Rena Subotnik, Associate ED, Education Directorate Director, Center for Psychology in Schools and Education; American Psychological Association
11:45 a.m.  Break  
12:00 p.m. 

Intervention Strategies

Learn the best practices and have resources to take back and implement in schools and classrooms that include professional development modules and strategies that cover topics including empathy, trauma, bullying, and building relationships with students.

Sanford National University Speakers present the Inspire Program and Harmony Program 
12:45 p.m.  Lunch Speaker

Teaching Interrupted: Leveraging SEL to Support School Community Wellness Now and After the Pandemic
Dr. Christina Cipriano, Assistant Professor at the Yale University Child Study Center and the Director of Research at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence
2:00 p.m.  Student Panel: Students from NCSSS member schools to present on successes and barriers in schools   
2:45 p.m. 

Panel Discussion

Secondary STEM school leaders presenting current perceptions, challenges, early intervention actions in place, and expressed needs. 

Ann Bonitatibus, Principal of Thomas Jefferson HS

Germain McConnell, Executive Director of Mississippi School for Math and Science

Kristi Pope Key, Director of Academic Services for the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts

Sean Dolcy, Assistant Principal of High School for Math, Science and Engineering

3:45 p.m. Break  
4:00 p.m.

Breakout Sessions

Sharing of Best Intervention Practices – groups form in the same way as Breakout 1 to discuss what they have in place and what they see are areas of improvement for interventions and preventive measures in the realm of mental wellness.

4:45 p.m.


Summarize the day’s events and introduce next day topics




Friday, March 26


10:00 a.m. Welcome to Day 2 Todd Mann
10:10 a.m. STEM Mental Wellness Research 

NCSSS and IMSA conducted a survey to gather information regarding how NCSSS member schools handle carious aspects of student mental wellness and mental illness as well as the resources and programming available to address concerns in these areas.

Download The 2020 NCSSS Student Mental Health Survey: A Synopsis

Hannah Anderson and Amber Pareja of IMSA debut new research
11:00 a.m. Panel 2: It Takes a Village: Community unification is needed to solve this epidemic across our schools

Kathleen Minke (ED of the National Association of School Psychologists)

Ashley Finley (Senior Advisor to the President of the Association of American Colleges and Universities)

Donna Mazyck, MS, RN, NCSN, CAE, FNASN (Executive Director, National Association of School Nurses)

12:00 p.m. Breakout: Strategies for Building the Pledge – cross-sections from the first two breakout groups come together to brainstorm short-term and long-term strategies for building the Pledge.

What are the areas we need to put on the pledge? Strategies that all can sign up for, for early identification and intervention as well as long-term execution.

12:45 p.m. Wrap-up: Executive Summary of pledge ideas written during the Summit, announcement of next steps and follow-up materials to be send to attendees.  

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