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About the Professional Conference

The annual Professional Conference brings together teachers, administrators and counselors in STEM education to share best practices and collaborate with other STEM professionals to transform education, empower teachers and improve STEM students' success.


NOV. 2-5, 2022 in Atlanta

Why Attend the Professional Conference?

The NCSSS mission is to advance STEM education by providing professional development and networking opportunities for educators and learning experiences for students; to serve as a national resource for STEM schools and programs in partnership with educational, corporate, and international organizations; and to inform policymakers on STEM education.

The Professional Conference offers sessions and excursions that engage attendees in learning about best practices in classrooms, new ways to explore topics that affect all schools, and an inside look into an area's STEM schools or other STEM places of interest.

In addition, we recognize our most innovative students, teachers and partnerships with awards at the Conference.

The annual event provides professional development for teachers and administrators to positively impact student achievement in authentic STEM educational environments. Participating in the Professional Conference gives you actionable ideas you can immediately implement in your schools and your classrooms. 

There is no other conference like this one for STEM administrators and teachers.

Takeaways for attending the Professional Conference

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    Dive into topics such as coding, leadership in education, bringing the arts into STEM, and wellness topics that cross the STEM disciplines.

  • Participate in concurrent sessions led by teachers and administrators sharing their expertise from around the country.

  • Network with STEM education professionals from around the country with whom you can share best practices.

  • Excursions to STEM schools or businesses using STEM in new and interesting ways. Some past excursions include Google, MIT, Harvard and Microsoft.  
  • Collaborate with a professional learning community and continue your learning throughout the year.

Who Should Attend the Professional Conference?

The sessions at the Professional Conference are meant for everyone including:

  • Administrators
  • Counselors
  • Teachers

You can easily identify the sessions of interest with our color-coded Session Strands. 

But don't take our word for it! Watch this short video of some attendees talking about their experience at the Professional Conference.


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