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Principal at RePublic High School in Nashville

RePublic High School

Who We Are

RePublic Schools is a network of high-performing public charter schools based in Nashville, TN and Jackson, MS with a mission to reimagine public education in the South and prepare all of our scholars to graduate from college. In addition to providing a world-class traditional academic curriculum, we empower our students to be change-makers by teaching them to code – starting in the 5th grade. 

Despite the fact that our scholars come from traditionally underserved communities (approximately 85% identify as low-income, and nearly 95% as students of color), we have seen them defy the odds to achieve outstanding results. RePublic’s schools have scored in the top 5% of all open-enrollment public schools across the state of Tennessee for both student growth and absolute achievement – making ours the first (and only) charter schools in state history to achieve this dual distinction.  

At RePublic, we cultivate a cohesive community of families, staff, and scholars committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure our scholars succeed. We are looking for a trajectory-changing, team-catalyzing, and results-driving Principal to lead our network’s first high school, RePublic High School, in Nashville, TN. Candidates must share our unwavering belief that all children can achieve at high levels and change the world. Sound like you?

What You’ll Do


The Principal is the most impactful leadership position at RePublic. Equal parts instructional visionary, strategic mastermind, data-driven decision-maker, people developer, and community builder, the Principal stands at the nexus of the highest-leverage unit of change in a child’s life: the school. The scholars who walk through the doors of RePublic High School from our middle schools in Nashville have already moved mountains. Despite the fact that they enter RePublic’s middle schools, on average, two to three grade levels behind, our children defy expectations and odds by entering high school, on average, on or above grade level in reading – a feat devastatingly rare in our city for low-income students of color.

Responsible for empowering a team to set and execute upon a vision and strategy that will drive jaw-dropping student achievement results and cultivate young adults that take true ownership over their learning, their character development, their peers, and their life trajectories, the Principal of RePublic High School is charged with capitalizing upon this momentum. In setting an instructional and curricular model, developing staff members to excellence, and constantly reimagining the definition of the high school experience, the RHS Principal will actualize RePublic’s mission to ensure that our scholars enter and succeed in their colleges and universities of choice and emerge as the change agents of their generation.

Key Responsibilities:

The Principal of RHS will drive instruction and create a culture of academic ownership by:

  • Setting astronomical goals for student growth and achievement;

  • Leading the school-based leadership team and teachers to collectively and individually monitor academic progress of all scholars and analyze student achievement data to drive instructional decisions and change course as needed to ensure transformational academic outcomes;

    • Fostering a school-wide culture in which students love learning, think critically, and take ownership over their own academic progress and inquiry;

  • Building strong relationships with families, students, and staff to ensure collective investment in instructional priorities, initiatives, and expectations 

The Principal of RHS will empower and develop teachers and leaders by:

  • Setting clear, ambitious, and measurable short and long term goals and priorities for the school that align with RePublic’s mission and values, investing the team in these goals and priorities, and making progress against these known to all teammates;

  • Managing and coaching a school-based leadership team, which includes: Assistant Principals, Deans, Directors, and any other school-based leadership staff members;

  • Leading and facilitating robust school-based professional development weekly that sets teachers up to: master the fundamentals of classroom management, backwards-design planning and intellectual preparation, relationship-building and communication with scholars and families, data-driven action planning, and implementation of school wide cultural, academic, and operational systems;

  • Training and coaching Assistant Principals to effectively move individual teacher instructional practice and, subsequently, students’ academic achievement, through high-leverage and consistent observation and feedback cycles

  • Creating a culture where all staff give and receive feedback fluidly – both positive and constructive – as part of daily practice to move the entire school forward

     The Principal of RHS will manage the school’s growth and expansion by:

  • Recruiting, selecting, and hiring top talent from across the nation to teach, lead, and support the mission and vision of RePublic High School;

  • Managing the leadership team to develop culture and operational systems that create a school environment where scholars feel safe, able to take social and academic risks, and excited to come to school each day;

  • Designing the school’s college preparation program to ensure that scholars and families have the knowledge, tools, and resources they need to apply to, be accepted into, and graduate from the college or university of their choice – including performance on the ACT that rivals top high schools in Nashville;

  • Leading the RHS team to build deep relationships with families and scholars such that key stakeholders are inspired to remain with RHS, and committed to persisting through challenges to produce scholars that are bound for success in college and in life;

  • Overseeing the growth of the school (facilities as well as the academic and extracurricular program) as RHS expands from serving approximately 325 scholars to serving nearly 1,000 by Fall 2018;

  • Serving as a liaison to the broader Nashville (and national) educational community to champion the work RHS is doing and build a network of supporters committed to seeing our scholars succeed; and

  • Ensuring compliance of RHS with the full scope of federal and state regulatory requirements 

Who You Are

Our RePublic High School Principal has an unwavering belief that our students can achieve at an exceptionally high level. You are:

  • A serial optimist. You've got a deep, personal commitment to the mission of RePublic Schools, and a genuine belief that all students can achieve academic excellence, regardless of race or socioeconomic status. You've got a "healthy rage" about the state of public education in the South - and you want to be a part of a team that is doing something about it every single day.

  • A proven school leader, and a driver of results. You've demonstrated ability to drive results in the pursuit of an ambitious vision and strategy, and you combine your exceptional strategic, analytical, and critical-thinking skills with your penchant to use data to drive decision-making to achieve impressive outcomes. You’ve got a background in instructional excellence, and leadership, and have both achieved your own impressive results in the classroom and have moved other teachers and leaders to do the same.

  • A people developer. You’ve led, directly managed, and coached teams and individuals to achieve wildly impressive results for scholars. You love and actively seek opportunities to develop others through ongoing coaching, clear expectations and accountability, strong inspirational and motivational skills, high leverage feedback, and targeted professional development.

  • A systems builder. You're comfortable with ambiguity, and thrive in situations where you get to build something out of nothing, or create order out of chaos. You choose start-up over bureaucracy any day.

  • An organizational mastermind. You appreciate big picture, but you know it's all in the details. You manage projects fluidly, fiercely prioritize, and track timelines, data, and information in an organized and systematic fashion. When you say you’ll follow up with someone, you do it – and you are known as someone who doesn’t drop balls.

  • An entrepreneurial learner. You are a self-directed go-getter. You take initiative, generate ideas/solutions to problems, operate with a growth mindset, and seek opportunities for feedback.

  • A strong communicator. You’ve got a knack for speaking and writing clearly, succinctly and persuasively such that expectations are clear, timelines are delineated, and excellence is defined. People would describe you as someone who is able to build relationships across lines of difference that allow you to motivate and inspire from a place of authenticity.

  • Have a bachelor’s degree with a preference for a graduate degree in a related field; and

  • Have a passionate belief in RePublic’s mission, values, and educational model.

    Salary is competitive and commensurate based on experience. Compensation at RePublic includes a comprehensive benefits package.

To Apply

  • Interested? To apply for this position, please submit a resume and an optional cover letter:

  • Questions? Contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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