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The STEM Edge

A quarterly publication from NCSSS giving teachers and administrators the competitive advantage in professional development.

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    Quarter 1 |2021
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    Quarter 2 | 2019

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    Quarter 1 | 2019

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    Quarters 1,2 | 2018

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    Quarter 3 | 2017

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    Quarter 2 | 2017

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    Quarter 1 | 2017


Will this School Year Be When You Learn to Code?

Written by Stacy Sniegowski

At Mobile Makers, we have a strong belief, aligned with President Obama, Apple, Chicago Public Schools, and hundreds of thousands of others who have signed petitions for Congress to require computer science in our schools, so that everyone can learn to code. One specific value we hold is that of all people, the first and most ready to learn computer science are educators.




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    Spring 2008


Schools Like Ours - Realizing our STEM Future

By Dennis D. Lundgren, Ronald C. Laugen, Cheryl A. Lindeman, Martin J. Shapiro, Jerald (Jay) Thomas
Published by NCSSS October 2011

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Guiding Student Research: Making Research Happen in Your School

Martin J. Shapiro, Ed.D. Editor in Chief
Published by NCSSS 2005

Currently out of print.
Revised Edition Two coming soon.


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