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You’ve likely heard the common adage, “It takes a village to raise a child,” more times than you can count. That saying is so common, though, because it’s true. And never has that become clearer than in these current times, when the mental wellness of so many, including our young students, has become a top of mind topic.

We’ve reached epidemic levels when it comes to the need for mental wellness for students of all age levels, and it’s not an area that can be tackled alone. It takes, as they say, a village. And school nurses are a critical member of that village. People have told me that school nurses aren’t mental health professionals, but I would challenge us to really think about the mental health supports in schools. Therapists provide the most intense level of support. Those who connect with students are part of mental health supports—and that falls solidly in the purview of the school nurse. Mental health, mental wellness, and the role of school nurses are interconnected.

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