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Casey Bulen

Casey Bulen

Casey Bulen is a Residential Counselor at the Missouri Academy of Science, Mathematics and Computing.

For the 22nd year, various secondary STEM schools throughout the southern United States gathered together this spring to bring a friendly athletic dimension to the experience they have to offer to their students.

Wednesday, 04 March 2015 23:28

Multiculturalism: A Key to Success

Today’s society reaches every part of the globe. Our students have the ability to communicate with any individual via email or Facebook, read their thoughts on personal blogs, or compete with them for jobs, scholarships or college admissions. This global society also gives us and our students the abilities to learn from and grow alongside people from all different cultures or backgrounds and adds a component to academia and student development that is vital to their continued success.

Throughout the last nine academic years, the Missouri Academy has had international students from a variety of cultural backgrounds enrolled in the program alongside students from the state of Missouri and neighboring states. This group includes students from China, South Korea and Panama. They live, learn and lead in the same building and on the same floors as the rest of our students. This interaction provides both U.S. and international students with the unique ability to experience a rigorous and academically challenging environment alongside each other.

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