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The 20th Century model of education reflected the industrial age.  Students learned the only way they knew how: sitting in organized rows of desks in a classroom with a teacher and a chalk board.  Back then it seemed that without the classroom, there could be no learning.  As the industrial age gives way to an increasingly global one, schools are faced with the exciting task of reaching for and seeking out authentic learning experiences in the surrounding community. The physical confines of a school building can be limiting.  A successful school in the new century is a school without walls.

Women are progressing in STEM but we're not there yet: Women are making progress in the STEM field, but more needs to be done to continue attracting them. The answer is the three Ms: Magic, Mentoring and Mitigate. Source: Forbes

Friday, 17 July 2015 18:29

What's happening in STEM?

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In an effort to keep you more informed on events happening in STEM education, we are now starting a weekly roundup of news you may have missed during the week in the field. 

In a major victory for STEM schools and NCSSS, the U.S. Senate adopted an amendment that included much of NCSSS's recent definition of a STEM school and that facilitates funding for existing STEM schools in addition to new ones.

I am proud to have been on the core planning team for The inaugural Southwest Michigan Mini Maker Faire. It was held May 30 at Whirlpool Centennial Park in St. Joseph, Mich. It was a day of family-friendly making, learning, crafting, inventing and tinkering. Visitors were inspired by Makers, designers, artists, crafters, engineers, scientists and technologists from across our region. Entry was free to all and there were many opportunities to get hands-on and make "stuff"!

Friday, 01 May 2015 16:12

The Future is NOW

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This Summer, Explore the Growing Trend of Technological Human Enhancement

Transhumanism is a word that you may have never heard before, but odds are you’re probably already familiar with some of its many manifestations in our modern culture. Google Glass and Fitbits are wearable technologies that allow us to stay more connected with the world and even capture data to monitor our unique biological functions.

We are pleased to announce the first submission for the NCSSS Student Research Blog Spotlight:

Lindsay Fricano and Haley Le from Macomb Mathematics Science Technology Center

Wednesday, 04 March 2015 23:28

Multiculturalism: A Key to Success

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Today’s society reaches every part of the globe. Our students have the ability to communicate with any individual via email or Facebook, read their thoughts on personal blogs, or compete with them for jobs, scholarships or college admissions. This global society also gives us and our students the abilities to learn from and grow alongside people from all different cultures or backgrounds and adds a component to academia and student development that is vital to their continued success.

Throughout the last nine academic years, the Missouri Academy has had international students from a variety of cultural backgrounds enrolled in the program alongside students from the state of Missouri and neighboring states. This group includes students from China, South Korea and Panama. They live, learn and lead in the same building and on the same floors as the rest of our students. This interaction provides both U.S. and international students with the unique ability to experience a rigorous and academically challenging environment alongside each other.

For many people, “Computer Science” hearkens images of young men hunched over laptops -- programming, encoding, analyzing algorithms.

And while those are significant components to it, the discipline is far more wide-reaching and expansive.

Students at the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science at WPI recently explored that diversity in a winning video for the Computer Science Teachers Association. 

As students leave my classroom to go to lunch, I look up to see a new crowd of students walking in. It’s Monday afternoon, and that means it’s time for my Dungeons & Dragons club to meet. Over the course of the next 50 minutes, bites of sandwiches and slurps of juice mingle with dice rolling, bursts of laughter, and vivid declarations of glorious battles and magical hijinks. Advising clubs like this is a passion of mine, because over the years I’ve seen the benefits of making time and space available for students to gather and just play in school.

At a Consortium school like mine, high-level academics and heavy course loads make for a very stressful school day for the average student. Amid the constant barrage of homework, projects, and studying for exams, students struggle to balance their workload with after school sports, jobs, and life at home. All too often, school work cuts into our students’ sleep and personal time.

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